The “Riviera” is our vintage capsule. We ima- gined ourselves on “le train bleu” riding along the French riviera and let ourselves be carri- ed away by its vivid colours and the scent of the sea, on a carefree day of late spring. The capsule image is sunny and vitamin, the thin and twisted cottons are fresh and snappy, the patterns are playful and the dyes effects are bright.


Quality, sustainability and resistance over time are the words that best describe Wool&co for future Capsule. We decided to innovate by looking to the past, placing respect for time and pla- cing back nature at the core of our world to reinvent a better future. Wool&co for future garments are made with sustainable, high-quality yarns. Both the slub cottons and compact cotton are organic and traceable in in every phase and processed in Italy. The garment, in addition to being of excellent quality, it is moreover dyed with a natural dyeing process using mineral dyeing substances which are respectful of the environment and the wellbeing human being. For us sustainability is the heart of everything, we do and we continually strive to bring you well de- signed product without compromising on ethics.


Wool&co Harbour è la nostra capsule d’ispira- zione nautica e rappresenta l’anima più auten- tica del wool&co. Abbiamo scelto cotoni bouclé organici, cotoni makò, stampe all over e pattern jacquard nei colori blu navy e rosso scuro in ab- binamento con il bianco per creare un’immagi- ne forte e unica ma senza tempo.


Wool&co utility capsule is inspired by a sa- fari adventure .Its image is cool but practi- cal with its signature pockets and resilient materials such as linen and twisted cotton. The final look is sharp and neat, with sand ,brown and light blue as its signature co- lours. Its inside neck orange loop transfor- ms the clean look into something fresh and new.

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