The Spring Summer 2024 Wool&Co collection presents itself as an ambition: a desire to evolve, a fascinating combination of the heritage of a brand tied to tradition and the desire for modernity and minimal style. Each garment is made of excellent quality materials, guaranteeing not only an appealing style, but also a feeling of well-being during the coldest days.

The distinctiveness of this collection lies in its ability to embrace the current style trends of minimal and essential lines.

The fabrics chosen not only hug the body softly, but also reflect Wool&Co's commitment to eco-sustainability. Natural materials and responsible production processes characterize each garment, creating a deep connection with the environment and the animals that inspire rural life.

From neutral colors to pastel shades, every detail of this collection has been passionately crafted to capture the essentiality of form. In an aseptic setting, the collection reigns supreme like a painting that stirs emotions.

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